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Our Services

Oil Field Equipment


One of the major benefits of dry ice blasting is the ability to clean electrical or mechanical parts while they remain in place and hot. Machinery downtime is reduced, saving our clients money.


Our cleaning technique is also much faster than traditional methods and provides superior results. This means increased efficiency and extended life-span for industrial equipment.


CO2BLAST’s applications are non-toxic and ecologically friendly, creating a safe atmosphere for workers and helping industry meet environmental regulations.


   Cleans parts while in-place and hot

   Machinery will run better, last longer

   Improves worker safety

   Meets environmental regulations



Printing Presses


The ability to clean between job changes on the press dramatically reduces downtime and increases production. Our cleaning is also completed much faster than other methods because the press doesn’t have to be dismantled.


Thoroughly removing the ink buildup from gears and decks results in improved print quality and scrap rates.


   Clean between job changes

   Reduces downtime, increases production time

   Improves print quality and scrap rates

   No hazardous wastes or solvents



Rubber Manufacturing


Dry ice blasting technology dramatically cuts the time it takes to clean molds. It also eliminates many sources that can cause damage to molds and tools. The overall result is a dramatic decrease in production costs and press downtime.


   Cuts mold cleaning time

   Reduces production costs and press downtime

   Reduces tool damage





Our cleaning services can help property owners restore the appearance of buildings, bridges, overpasses and other prominent structures. Because the process in completely non-toxic, we can operate in public places without safety concerns.


   Restores buildings, bridges, overpasses

   Cleans in public places without safety concerns