Established in 2005, CO2BLAST Ltd. has been offering Environmentally Neutral Dry Ice Blasting Services throughout Central and Northern Alberta. We have earned the trust of many Top Tier clients in; Oil and Gas, Mining, Remediation / Restoration, Manufacturing and Food Processing to name just a few. 

We are an innovator. Dry ice blasting is the most effective, ecologically sound, and efficient method of deep cleaning available in Industry today. Merging that technology with our state of the art Customized Equipment and our highly trained, safety focused, results driven Personnel, ensures your equipment (or Project) will be cleaner than it has ever been.


At CO2Blast, we will stop at nothing to ensure your complete satisfaction. We would be happy to discuss how we could tailor our service to meet your specific needs. Call us today or request a free dry ice blasting quote for your next project. 


CO2Blast Ltd. is very proud of our competent and well trained Personnel. Our Technicians understand Customer satisfaction is one of our core values. All of our employees strive to work safely and efficiently to provide our customers with quality service, ensuring we meet our client’s objectives on every job!

We also understand the need for providing a safe work environment for our employees. Continual improvement of our safety program through direct input from our employees and customers is an integral part of our safety commitment.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hendrik Jansen van Rensburg


Established in 2005, CO2BLAST Ltd. has experience in industries as varied as NORM decontamination to bat guano remediation. Our technicians are trained and qualified to assess the most efficient and safe way to maintain your valuable assets.

Through consistent innovation, our employee training, corporate methodology and equipment will continue to be the Gold Standard for our industry.

At CO2BLAST we use state of the art equipment from manufacturers such as COLD JET, ICETECH and ATLAS COPCO  as well as high quality dry ice from AIR LIQUIDE to ensure that the service we provide is superlative and safe.

We are committed to the protection of the Environment in all Regions we operate. We continually seek methods of conserving resources, reducing waste, and eliminating or mitigating any potential for adverse environmental impact relating to our business.