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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: To continually evolve, expanding our knowledge base, service offerings and expertise, enabling us to serve our clients with innovative solutions. While never wavering from a focus on safety (mission to zero)  

Core Values: 

Safety & environment: At CO2Blast, safety and being a steward of the environment is the foundation of every decision and behaviour and it is part of absolutely everyone’s job. Maintaining the environment and safety of our employees, clients and the public is our highest priority. 

Integrity: We follow through on our commitments and always hold ourselves accountable to our values and ethics. The importance of transparency and personal responsibility is underscored in all that we do. 

Relentless Execution: We are driven by excellence in execution. We are steadfast and focused on creating a superior customer experience, maintaining a competitive cost structure and maximizing project outcomes. 

Constantly Evolving: We are dynamic, adapting to our environment, responding to challenges and opportunities equally, focusing on implementing positive long term and sustainable change to our systems, processes and service offerings.