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Oxygen Clean Operations

Guarantees the removal of contaminants without introducing any foreign substances, meeting the rigorous safety and quality demands of oxygen-related operations in Western Canada.

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Industrial oxygen serves a multitude of purposes in various industrial processes across Western Canada. It finds application in fundamental processes like steel production in basic oxygen furnaces, environmental measures such as sewage treatment to combat water pollution, and in the synthesis of chemicals like vinyl chloride, nitric acid, epoxyethane, and hydrogen peroxide.

Oxygen, being the most prevalent oxidizing gas, exhibits high reactivity. When working in an oxygen-enriched environment, it becomes imperative to meticulously manage potential ignition sources.

Autoignition is the phenomenon wherein a fuel source spontaneously ignites due to the heat generated by the rapid compression of a gas. In instances where a valve within a high-pressure or high-velocity oxygen flow swiftly opens or closes, kinetic energy transforms into heightened temperature and potential energy, often manifesting as increased pressure. If this temperature surpasses the ignition threshold of non-metallic seals, or even the piping itself, it can lead to spontaneous explosions or autoignition. In oxygen systems, such occurrences can have catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, the removal of contaminants that can introduce lower auto-ignition temperatures than even non-metallic seals and seals is an absolute necessity for any oxygen system.

CO2Blast has devised methods to effectively eliminate the following contaminants from process equipment:

  • Organics
  • VOC compounds
  • Greases and oils based on hydrocarbons
  • Water-based detergents and cutting oils
  • Acids and solvents
  • Dust
  • Weld slag

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We are committed to the protection of the environment across Western Canada.
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