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Food Grade Cleaning

Eliminates contaminants without leaving any chemical residue, upholding the highest standards of hygiene.


CO2Blast employs CO2 Blasting as the method of choice in food production environments, where cleanliness is of utmost importance. Dry ice blasting, using dry ice, is completely dry, eliminating water from the cleaning process and reducing the risk of salmonella and other pathogens contaminating equipment.

Dry ice blasting stands as the most effective and environmentally friendly method for cleaning food processing equipment, with no comparable alternatives. It’s not just our word; the Government of Manitoba also recognizes its superiority:

Link to Government of Manitoba’s endorsement

Moreover, Dry ice blasting is approved for use by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Benefits of dry ice blasting for food grading operations

Efficient On Site Cleaning: Dry ice blasting cleans equipment in place, eliminating the need for time-consuming dismantling. This saves valuable production time and increases output.

Sanitization: Dry ice blasting not only cleans but also sanitizes, effectively eliminating bacteria like listeria, e-coli, and salmonella.

Dry Process: This is a dry process, meaning electrical equipment doesn’t require disassembly or separate treatment, reducing downtime.

No Cooling Required: There’s no need to wait for equipment to cool down before cleaning, further saving valuable production time.

Chemical and Residue-Free: Dry ice blasting leaves no chemical residues, eliminating toxicity concerns and cross-contamination problems. This also eliminates the need for additional washdown procedures, saving production time.

Minimal Waste: Since dry ice sublimates upon contact with surfaces, the only waste to dispose of is the dislodged contaminant. This reduces waste disposal and associated costs.

Fast and Effective: Dry ice blasting is a fast and effective method, capable of reaching hard-to-access areas.

Efficiency: It’s much quicker and more effective than manual cleaning.

Safety: Dry ice blasting doesn’t expose equipment or personnel to harmful chemicals.

Examples of equipment

CO2Blast offers a hassle-free cleaning solution with dry ice blasting. This method is incredibly clean, hygienic, and doesn’t introduce moisture into your production line, allowing you to quickly restore your equipment to operational status.

Our dry ice blasting method is suitable for cleaning a wide range of equipment and surfaces, including:

  • Bake trays, slicers, food molds
  • Ovens and oven hoods
  • Mixers and pallets
  • Storage vessels
  • Motors
  • Electrical conduits
  • Cables and electrical units
  • Cold stores
  • Boxing machines
  • Conveyors
  • Packaging lines
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Mixing vessels

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