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Benefits of Dry ice blasting

Discover the exceptional advantages of dry ice blasting through CO2Blast. Our approach encompasses eco-friendly cleaning and reduced downtime, providing unmatched benefits that result in clean surfaces, environmental preservation, and seamless operational efficiency.

A Non-Abrasive, Non-Conductive, Dry Process

CO2Blast utilizes a non-abrasive cleaning solution in the form of dry ice blasting, where CO2 pellets (solid carbon dioxide) serve as the blasting media. These CO2 pellets vaporize upon contact with the surface being cleaned. Dry ice cleaning is an entirely dry process, making it suitable for delicately handling electrical equipment and wiring without causing damage. Its gentle treatment of surfaces helps prevent wear and tear.

No Waste Disposal

Dry ice blasting generates no waste products. Only the removed contaminants need disposal, typically by simple sweeping or vacuuming.

Safety and Environmental Benefits

CO2Blast prioritizes the well-being of our staff and communities by avoiding exposure to harmful substances like silica, sand, soda, and chemicals. Dry ice blasting is entirely non-toxic, eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals. Additionally, dry ice is a by-product of other industrial processes and is derived from reclaimed CO2. It neither produces nor adds CO2 to the atmosphere, making it environmentally friendly and safe. Dry ice blasting is both safe and environmentally responsible.

Enhanced Productivity

Dry ice blasting often enables the cleaning of production equipment while it remains in operation. This reduces the costly periods of production downtime required for dismantling and cleaning.

Speed and Effectiveness

The combination of high cleaning speeds and a wide range of nozzles allows for the rapid cleaning of even typically inaccessible items. Dry ice blasting ensures no blasting media residues are left on chains and drives, among other components.

Cost Efficiency

Dry ice blasting minimizes downtime and associated costs by quickly and effectively cleaning production equipment in place. The fast cleaning speed enables more frequent equipment cleaning, reducing the potential for rejected final products and the expenses incurred from running extra cycles.


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