What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry Ice Blast / Cleaning is truly the safest and most ecologically sound cleaning method available today. All the while, offering superior cleaning and value when compared to other methods. (Sandblasting, Soda blasting, chemicals, etc…)

The Dry Ice we use is captured as a by-product in the

Petrochemical refining process.

We then take the Recycled Liquefied Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and turn it into extruded Dry Ice Pellets.

Using Dry Ice Blasting equipment, we introduce the Dry Ice particles into a high pressure line where we can control the amount of particles and pressure of the line.

When the Dry Ice hits the substrate the particle then turns from a solid to a gas (sublimate) on impact compresses and mushrooms out, creating a high-velocity snow flow that flushes the surface.

The dry ice shears and lifts the contaminant off the surface with no damage and leaves no residual waste.

This shearing or lifting force is caused by the sublimation (direct transition from solid phase to gaseous phase) of the dry-ice particles resulting in a sudden 400% – 700% increase in volume of the gas directed along the plane of the substrate. Only the contaminant remains to be collected and disposed of, greatly reducing secondary waste streams.

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