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Fire Restoration

Removes soot, smoke residues, and fire damage, expediting the restoration process while preserving the structural integrity of your facility.


Dry ice blasting has rapidly emerged as the preferred method for restoring homes and buildings affected by fire damage.

Fires can leave behind soot, smoke damage, and charring on various surfaces like wood, brick, concrete, and metal. This type of damage often carries unpleasant odors. Traditionally, methods for addressing these issues included sanding, scraping, wire brushing, soda blasting, and sandblasting. However, all of these methods are more labor-intensive and less effective compared to dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting efficiently and swiftly eliminates charring, soot, and odors without damaging the surface (substrate). Moreover, it minimizes cleanup as dry ice blasting generates no byproduct waste; the dry ice sublimates and disappears into the atmosphere. The only material removed is the dislodged contaminant. Dry ice blasting delivers a superior clean, with less mess and associated waste disposal costs, while also eliminating the residue and odor of fire damage.

Fire restoration in action

Benefits of Dry ice blasting for removing fire and soot damage

Insurance providers, restoration companies, and building contractors in western Canada are increasingly recognizing the significant advantages of utilizing Dry ice blasting in their restoration efforts following a fire. Dry ice blasting offers benefits that far surpass those of traditional cleaning methods, providing greater effectiveness and time efficiency.

  • Significantly faster than traditional cleanup methods
  • Minimizes disruption and costs for occupants
  • Much more effective than conventional approaches
  • Effectively removes fire damage from intricate areas, including plumbing, electrical, and around fixtures and fittings
  • Generates no byproduct waste to clean up – only the dislodged contaminant
  • Leaves no residue behind
  • Eliminates blast media entrapment issues as the CO2 sublimates (disappears into the atmosphere)
  • An environmentally responsible cleaning process
  • Removes charring, soot, and odors from any substrate.

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